Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I Use a Waiting List..Making Room for a Better Listing

How I use a waiting list. After  2 decades in real estate, my business is  99% referral, and  limited to  Fifteen listings.

In a recent post, Lorrie asked  about this.

The waiting list is something that started early on when there were people I really wanted to work with and some I didn't. For the  2nd group, I used to say, "I have a waiting list," figuring they would reply, "Forget it!" and go somewhere else. But I found that some sellers were impressed that I was able to turn down a listing, and often they would actually wait to work with me.

As a Broker and listing agent, I make all my appointments and  contact my sellers. preferring fewer transactions and a higher level of service. I frequently turn down listings making room for better listings.
If the  commission question   arises, I can  promise having the highest commission rate. But since my clients come by referral, they already know how I work.

How  can a new agent  adapt this model and use a waiting list for their situation. My advice is to not rush out to take a listing as soon as someone calls. Take the time to get information in advance. Ask how many agents they are interviewing, and try to be the last they talk to. Even say something like, "I have room for one more listing this week." Even if you don't have many listings, that's a true statement. It also keeps you from looking too eager or too desperate. 

Always be ready to walk away from a listing.

 Sellers have to answer  my two questions with a yes.
  • Are you 100% sure you want to sell your home?
  • Are you 100% sure you want to use me?
Until they are 100% sure, they are not ready to list. This is.. How I Use a Waiting List

                                       100% Sure

I have chosen not to do business with people  I don't like or don't respect.  Don't think of it as turning down a listing; think of it as making room for a better listing.

How I Use a Waiting List..Making Room for a Better Listing

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