Saturday, May 21, 2011

There IS Trouble on the Line...Outstanding Service...NOT!

There is trouble on the line.  Outstanding Service...NOT!

Have you been following my Verizon saga...Nice is Good But I Need My Service?

To recap, I was told " There is trouble on the line",  last Wednesday and they would have it checked on Friday. By going up the supervisor ladder, I got to a fifth person, the best they could promise was 10-2 on Friday with an assurance that it would be corrected May 20th!  That very nice supervisor Prasad, called me Friday morning to follow up. The truck was on the way.

Cicero Lennon, the Service Technician, came out at 10:00 as promised. He gave me his card and cell phone number. 
Notice the bottom left of the Verizon says "Our goal is to provide you with OUTSTANDING SERVICE!
After almost two hours, he told me:'There is trouble on the line. '

Duh..they told me that on Wed. Now it has to be referred to a cable splicer. I called Prasad back and the very nice supervisor told me it could take 2-3 business days. I was able to contact his manager, named Pravan (this is the sixth person..are you counting?) Again, Pravan, was very nice and told me,I was a priority, he was taking my case personally and moved me to Red Code with the escalation team.  Hmmm...what does that mean? It would ONLY  take 3-4 business days. I asked what if I were not code red?!!  He told me it would take 7 days!!

There was no place further to go with this group so I called Cicero, who gave me his card and cell.
BTW I gave him a couple of laminated copies of my latest post  to share with the powers at Verizon.

A call to Cicero asking the name of his manager... Within a short time, Kenneth Davenport called, gave me his number and assured me this would be taken care of Saturday morning. You see Kenneth is in charge of the people who actually do the fixing!! Hoping this will be resolved by my next post.

Thank you, Kenneth and Cicero for following up!

There is trouble on the line.  Outstanding Service...NOT!



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