Sunday, November 20, 2011

Being a Solo Broker With a Team.

Can you be successful in real estate if you don't have – or are not part of – a team? The answer is of course…provided you can call on a team.

What's the difference? Many people in real estate hear "team" and think of the big company, agents within a team or a group of real estate agents who work for a mega Agent.

                                                                                                                                          solo broker with a team

I am a solo broker owner and love the way I work.   That does not mean my sellers lack for any of the advantages of a team.

At any point in the process, I can call in other professionals chosen for their quality of work and service. Whether it's a mortgage broker, contractor, appraiser, electrician, home inspector, stager, or real estate attorney... there is an expert ready to meet the needs of my buyers and sellers.

After a few years in the real estate profession, you learn who you can trust to treat your clients exactly as you would.  These professionals  will do everything they can to be sure we all get   referrals and thank you notes  when the deal is done.

  Buyers and sellers need a team of professionals to help with real estate transactions. But that doesn't mean they always need a team of agents.

What they need – and what they get from me –  personal attention. I take on a limited number of listings and have always had a waiting list. This is how I can make everyone feel special.

As a Broker and listing agent, I make all my appointments and  contact my sellers, preferring fewer transactions and a higher level of service. I frequently turn down listings making room for better listings. I am available to answer their  questions.  But since my clients come by referral, they already know how I work.


Another solo agent Patricia Kennedy  had this to say about my book. "Like Margaret, I work solo, so it was great to read about how she maximizes her net, and she is adept at choosing the best of the tools of our trade to support her business. ''

 Being a Solo Broker With a Team.

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