Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Answer is: Bowling Shirts – Yes, Bow Ties - No

The question is: What can you buy tax free in Maryland through Sunday, August 27?

If you have kids going back to school and wanting new clothes, or maybe you are watching the Fall Clearance sales, then this is the time to head to the mall. From the 23rd through the 27th, Maryland is giving shoppers a break – no sales tax on clothes and shoes! The break applies to items priced under $100 and covers things like jackets, shirts, sweaters, pants, and socks. You still have to pay the tax on accessories like handbags, jewelry, and ties, but there’s no limit on how much tax you save provided each item is under $100.

The state’s web site for the sales tax holiday is here, and you can download and print a list of what’s taxable and what’s exempt here. If you have shopping to do, now’s the time!


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