Monday, November 27, 2006

Crazy Idea or Ahead of the Curve?

New ideas sometimes come dressed up like clowns or fools. It can be hard to tell whether you're looking at the next great innovation or just another flash in the pan.

A hundred and three years ago, a couple of bicycle mechanics were considered nut cases. Until they flew at Kitty Hawk. Thirty three years ago a marketing executive packed pebbles in boxes, gave them names, and became a millionaire selling Pet Rocks. Genius or just plain clever, they had crazy ideas that placed them out in front.

So you can understand why I was feeling pretty smart the other day when I heard about a new website called that lets sellers search for buyers. According to an Inman News story, "The site allows prospective home buyers to create a free profile that describes the home they are seeking." Hmmm…sounds a lot like the Buyers4YourHome feature that's been on my website for several years! My B4YH allows sellers to scroll through a list of potential buyers. It includes information about area, price range, school system, and other features the buyer is seeking. I keep the buyer's information confidential and make the connections for interested sellers.

When I first created the page, some people thought it was a slightly crazy idea. Now, after several years, the Buyers4YourHome page is one of the most visited on my site. People looking for a specific home go there to post their needs. Sellers scan for a possible match for their home, often before they even sign the listing agreement. Even other agents use it.

Crazy idea? Maybe. But don't dismiss it. You just might be ahead of the curve!


At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am familiar with that page and when I first saw it, I thought it was brillant!

It is kind of like buyer's personals.


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