Monday, November 20, 2006

Time to Recharge?

What do you do when life piles on? When every way you turn it's one challenge after another, and you never seem to get caught up? My answer is to walk away for a few hours and "recharge my batteries." That's just what I did a couple of days ago.

And what a fabulous day it was, spent with one of the greats in real estate. This man is a legend in real estate sales training. I have known and followed him since my first year in the business.

So of course, when I learned that Floyd Wickman would be giving a seminar just 45 minutes away, I was there. About a hundred agents filled in the room, and Floyd was at his finest. A showman and a fabulous presenter, he had the audience mesmerized. It wasn't fast talk or sleight of hand that held them – it was the strength of his message. He has a wonderful philosophy, and his caring and integrity are well known in the industry.

I own everything he has ever sold, and never once have I been disappointed. This time Floyd's subject was his 101 Greatest Dialogues which he distributes on a set of DVDs. He always under promises and over delivers! But the best way to get the Wickman effect is in person. Promise yourself that if you ever get to see Floyd live, you won't miss the chance.

The bonus was spending time with some other terrific and caring agents: Nelson Zide (ERA, Framingham, MA), Norman O'Grady (Prime Realty, Brighton, MA), and Bill Bissonnett (Riverdale Realty, Somerset, MA). That's our happy group in the photo, with me and Floyd between Bill on the left, and Nelson and Norman on the right.

Next time life piles on, do as I did and walk away for a few hours. Did I recharge? You bet!


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