Saturday, November 03, 2007

Staying Dry on a Rainy Day Baltimore House Tour

It was pouring down rain when I got the call on Rockridge Rd. It hasn't rained in Baltimore for months, but now when we finally had a good, hard, rain…someone was driving around looking at homes!

The one he called about had just gone to settlement, and he was disappointed when I told him that it was no longer on the market. It seemed to be THE perfect house, the perfect location, the perfect price – everything he wanted.

An interested buyer is not someone you let wander off. But he was out there in the rain, and I was home and dry. So I asked, did he have time to view a few other properties? Yep, he had time. So I gave him directions, turn right and go to 413 Milford Mill. Turn left on Greenwood and Right on Upland to 321. Back to Milford and take a right to 902 Adana. I stayed on the phone and "drove" him to all three of my other listings within the same zip code.

As he approached each property, I was able to answer all his questions such as age, condition, number of bedrooms, type of heat, room sizes, additions, upgrades etc. This remote control touring seemed to be better than sending him back home to look at the website. After all, he WAS in his car even though it was raining, and thankfully I could give directions.

He seemed to really like Upland Rd. He asked for the size of the yard, so I stayed on the phone with him while he walked around the house, and I described everything to him from the parking pad to the storage shed, and he could see the large level backyard. No, I don't usually suggest that buyers walk on properties, but with my permission and with me on the phone…no problem. He was extremely appreciative. I asked if he was working with an agent, and when the answer was affirmative, I suggested that the agent call me to set up an appointment.

Wonder if his agent will call? Too soon to tell. But even if not...look how much time was saved. By being flexible and adjusting to his needs and the opportunity, we both came out ahead.

I'm not sure what to call this kind of showing. It's not a virtual tour. Maybe a remote tour? Driving tour? Flexi-tour? Whatever name we give it, I think of it as a Type E showing – effective, efficient, and a time saver. Plus, I didn't have to go out in a downpour!

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