Friday, December 26, 2008

There's Gold in "Them Thar" Years! Happy 50th Anniversary!

There still are golden love stories in the world…here is one of them.

Anne HrubyGolden AnniversaryAnne and Milo were high school sweethearts, stars of their own classic love story. They wed on December 27, and have now been married for 18,264 days. (That's 50 years if you don't have a calculator handy!) They had five children in seven years and now enjoy 15 grandchildren, ages two through 19. Family has always come first with Anne, and after all this time, Anne still glows when she mentions Milo's name.

Anne Hruby was my first real estate instructor and has been a friend and a mentor for the past 18 years. Anne is one the most generous and knowledgeable people in life and in real estate. She readily shares her wealth of real estate information, and would do absolutely anything for anyone.

She has special relationships with all her family, especially her grand kids, but also all the gazillion students who have been fortunate to be in her classes. Their oldest granddaughter Julia was with us in the WCBM studio when Anne and I hosted the radio program All About Real Estate. Julia was poised and professional making her grandmother very proud.

A natural teacher, Anne leads courses for GRI, Fast Start to SRES, ABR, and many more. The Hrubys also council engaged couples prior to marriage. Everywhere you go you find someone - a student, an agent, a child, a colleague - who has been touched by Anne and Milo.

Ask these two about 10 year olds ~ you will find out that each grandchild, on their decade birthday, is treated with a week long trip with Milo and Anne. What a commitment and what a treat for everyone!

Joeann and Anne

Anne and I have traveled together over the years; being with her always makes the time special. We went together to Washington, DC for the NAR convention, we have gone to Detroit to be with Floyd Wickman, and to Ocean City for the MarylandAssociation of Realtor s convention.Margaret, Anne, at MAR

Anne was there when I received the Carolyn Howd Award in Atlantic City, a high point of my career. In fact, many of the best times of my years in real estate have been with Anne.

Anne and Milo

So to Anne and Milo, congratulations on your 18,264 days of marriage. May you have many thousand more, all of them golden.

With love and admiration,

Margaret & Lee

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