Monday, August 10, 2009

From Baltimore, Maryland - Over the Bridge to Kent Island, Maryland

From Baltimore,Maryland......Over the Bridge to Kent Island, Maryland

When you live in Baltimore, you are never far from so many different settings. They call this state "America in Miniature" for good reason – we have the sea shore at Ocean City, we have the largest estuary in the United States with the Chesapeake Bay, we have flat farmland on the Eastern Shore, and the mountains of the Appalachians in the west. Not long ago we took advantage of the possibilities by driving over to Kent Island for lunch.

The Bay Bridge from a moving car.Bay Bridge

Kent Island Flowers

The Narrows on Kent IslandWhen you cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge you also cross from the hustle-bustle of Baltimore and Washington, DC, to a slower and quieter way of life. Kent Island is at the other end of the bridge and a world away.

The Narrows splashing ducks under Bay Bridge

Here you can stroll along the water watching the splashing ducks and look at the perched bird. You can slow down and enjoy the brilliant flowers, and then settle in for a delicious lunch at a place we enjoy, The Narrows. Named for the narrow waterway that separates Kent Island from the rest of the Eastern Shore, The Narrows is close enough for a lunch-time jaunt, but still has that on-vacation feel. The crab cakes and cream of crab soup with a splash of sherry is a favorite of many summer diners.

That's what I enjoy – a mini-getaway at Kent Island, Maryland.

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