Thursday, December 17, 2009

Irene's New York Adventure

Ranch home living roomMy friend Irene is going on a New York adventure. We've been friends for a long time, and many years ago I helped sell contemporary ranch home that I just loved; you could tell it was owned by an artist.

After a bit of searching we found the perfect condo, the perfect size, and the perfect location. Again, after Irene finished with it, this home had the unique style and flair of a very special artist.

You see we met through our artwork - we once did a show together with her stone sculptures and my free form ceramics. On the coffee table are two of Irene's sculptures and my porcelain bowl.

What fun we had!

Time has passed and Irene has just moved to the Big Apple. We now have that special condo on the market: 111 Hamlet Hill Road #1007-Village of Cross Keys-Harper House Condominium.

I love seeing her work and mine together again!

Condo living room MRome bowl

It's a big change for Irene and leaving the place you have lived for years is never easy. But I am choosing to call it "Irene's Adventure." She will have time to make new friends, and will be near her daughter, son and favorite granddaughter, Jessica.

When I asked, "What will you miss the most leaving Baltimore?"... her answer without hesitation was "my friends."

But New York is only a train ride away and that train goes both ways. Her friends can visit New York and she can visit Baltimore. And just think of all the adventures for Irene that are there for the taking... the museums, the galleries, and the artists who make the city a lively place.

A few months ago, Irene and I had our own adventure spending a lovely afternoon
together. We had lunch and visited the weekly Farmer's market that is right where she lives in the Village of Cross Keys. You can see by the photos the fun we were having with artistic gourds and broccoli bouquets. Here's one of "my" apples for the lady who is off to the Big Apple.

Artist and gourds Artist and broccoli bouquet A Rome apple for the artist

Here's one of "my" apples for the lady who is off to the Big Apple.

Let's all wish Irene lots of luck on her New York Adventure!

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