Monday, December 07, 2009

Predictions in Arrears, aka..."To Done" List

Sally Cheeseman issued a delicious challenge: Write a post on my most positive ten predictions for 2010. How can I just do ten? When I started writing my "to do" list for 2009 around this time last year, I ended up with 28 things and could have gone for more. Now I'm looking back and seeing that there are a few things that I did this past year that were not on my list. Is it possible to make your predictions in arrears, sort of like the way property taxes are paid?

It is so satisfying - having a “to done” list!Cat Lover's Book of Days Cover

So to my list of "to do" from last year, add these that are "to done":

AR Ambassador

  • Return to my previous weight
  • Become an ActiveRain Ambassador
  • Go to a REBarCamp
  • Meet C Tann once in New York City and twice in Maryland

Big Apple sign NYC

C Tann in NYCBaltimore Harbor


Looking ahead.. to see this year's resolutions, just take a look at last year' is the same! Who knows what I might have on the TO DONE list this time next year?

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