Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Buyers Bought an UGLY House! Now What?

My Buyers Bought an UGLY House! Now What?

I made a promise but need a lot of help keeping my word.

At a holiday party, I learned that one of the guests was selling a home in an area needed by my buyer. This house was not on the market yet, so I called the agent stating we would like to get in as quickly as possible. An appointment was made for Sunday, the day before this home would hit MLS. So on the way home from the party, I put the address in my GPS and drove by. Oh Noooooooo! Now What?

Ugly House

They wanted charm. Does this look like charm?

So I called my buyers and asked them to take a ride, and do it right now...prior to the showing. Why did I ask that? Because this was one U-G-L-Y house!

When working with buyers, I have them make a wish list of features in a perfect home. In my opinion, this house did NOT meet the kind of property they described..not by a long shot!

They wanted a charming home with a fireplace that they could feel good coming home to. In my opinion, this was not the charming home I envisioned for them. On the surface, this property did not seem like the "right" choice.

They drove by and they commented:

"It is an ugly house with no curb appeal."...and to my surprise they said..." but it can’t hurt to take a look. It is in the right neighborhood."

Having a qualified motivated buyer, it also helps to keep an open mind.

Actually, the inside was near perfect for their needs, minus the charm and the fireplace. It has a complete lower level (room for a playroom, office and a guest area), walk out patio and large family room. Many things met their needs, like the “newish” kitchen, and the cathedral ceiling bringing in lots of light. There are two full baths plus a powder room, the big fenced back yard, gas heat, gas cooking, room to make a guest room and hardwood floors. But it still looked the same on the outside. No landscaping, no curb appeal...even the grass clashed with the house!

After a bit of discussion..." let's make an offer" but not for the asking price. They had work to do to bring up the charm they so yearned for.

Armed with area would you answer this next question?

How much do you take off for UGLY?

We got past that part. A price was agreed, contract ratified, home inspections performed, and our settlement occurred a few weeks ago. They are now in the process of painting, cleaning, refinishing floors and all the many things necessary to move into a new home.

But remember...a promise was made! And here it is:

LandscapingPlantingI promised to help design the outside!

I really did not think we would get a suitable price. Ha! - but we did now I need help make this UGLY house a home these buyers could be proud of…and a house that I wanted to be proud of selling!

So here's the challenge: come up with your best ideas, best designs, best color schemes, and best landscaping. You know what I need. I can make this a contest. Not sure of what to offer as a bribe prize but I bet there are some creative readers, designers, stagers, landscapers out there who could ....

Help me make this UGLY house a pretty house!

Will you help?

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