Friday, October 22, 2010

So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time.

So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time.

Internet Advertising Only? ..... I Think Not !    
                  Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome
Call me old-fashioned, but I do both print media and Internet advertising. I know that not everyone who buys a house - or who is helping someone look for a house - is in their 30's. There is another generation and they do read newspapers, and they do need print ads. This generation includes people with lots of disposable income who are looking for nice homes. It also includes people with children and grandchildren who may need a new home, and these parents have time to help their kids with the search.

Knowing the market, taking the time to listen and learn about the client's needs, working my wide network of connections and resources, investing my time and talent in each transaction, and yes, placing ads in all appropriate media is what  sells houses. Sure, you can Google me and my properties anytime. I'm there. In the page above, there are many references to get readers to the internet. Just counted 22 times that my website or email are mentioned.

The full-service commission that I receive pays for my print media, for my Internet ads and for the many hours of my time. It is recognition that I apply all my knowledge,marketing  skill and experience to getting the best price for the home. This advertising also keeps my name and face in front of the public and keeps a future waiting list of sellers.

So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time.

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