Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Won The Lottery...No We Didn't.. Buyers Prepare!

There was a post yesterday by Debe Maxwell Buyer Tips: Must-Haves, Wants and Don't-Really-Needs that  reminds me  how I work with a buyer.

Yeah yeah you all know I am a listing agent but... sometimes my sellers also need to purchase and so do their friends and family. It is hard to turn down an occasional buyer, especially when I think of them as "future listings"! 

To prepare buyers, I have them make two lists..the first...  as though they hit the lottery, they have an unlimited budget  and money is no object.Wish I May, Wish I Might.. I Have The Buyer!

Put everything on that list that you have ever wanted or dreamed of. While you are at it get the kids involved...make it a family fun project. Have couples do their lists separate and compare. This makes a good get together evening. And it has everyone participating in the adventure of finding the perfect home.
                                                                we won the lottery

And now for the second guessed it!   Uh Oh.....oops we were one number off on that ticket and we did not win the lottery ! So.. it is back to reality.
                                                                Did not win...HomeRome Realty
Most people are quite realistic doing this exercise. They  start with the number of bedrooms, the preferred location, proximity to work, specific school system and style. They may have strong feelings about the type of heat, public utilites, flooring, lot size, garage, fireplace, finished basement, size of the kitchen, appliances, finishes, storage needs, condition and the many other choices that go into finding the perfect house.

What are the  must-haves from that first list?  It works and it is a fun project and gets them involved in the buying process.

At settlement I have pulled this list out to see how many of the items were achieved.
It has run the gamut from getting everything to nothing on the list.

One couple wanted a modern contemporary home in a county location that was energy efficient and totally updated. They fell in love and bought a historic home in the city without air conditioning and original windows. They are ecstatic in their new home.

We all have to be flexible but we have to start somewhere.  This is how I start:
We Won The Lottery...No We Didn't...Buyers Prepare!

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