Saturday, December 25, 2010

Paying It Back by Paying It Forward!

This brief exchange of emails and comments is what ActiveRain is all about and the true meaning of giving at this time of year. It started with a conversation with William Johnson.  Thank you, William for encouraging  this featured  Pay It Forward Post. 

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Sally Cheeseman made this comment..
"I hope this can work the same way....I bought the book just now...and you can donate to your favorite charity?  I figured you're such an amazing woman and would love to pay it back for you paying it forward :)...
Are you all following this conversation?

My email back to Sally...Sally, I adore you. I am donating to the Kids Helping Johns Hopkins Hospital. Thank you for paying it forward by paying it back.. What a concept! The book is in the mail!!....
...and Sally's email to me, which I share with her permission: "...I just got goose bumps all over!  I’ve been meaning to get your book for years and wanted to have one of my own (Randy offered to let me read his copy lol) and finally did for a very worthy cause too!  I’m so happy that you’re donating to a most wonderful cause Margaret. I donate throughout the year here and there but thought wow…you’re doing such a great thing….let me do something back for you!..."

And there are more comments like these...  Sally Hanson..”I love your challenge - that's an easy one for me!  I am giving a Christmas gift to OCJ Kids - an organization that works with foster kids in group homes.  Amazing work these folks do for the kids with no Mom's and Dad's.”
And Elyse.. “I already have your book and love it!  I donated today and will again.   It makes me feel good.”
You can continue to read more comments going back to the  Pay It Forward Post. 

Paying It Back by Paying It Forward..what a concept. In addition to being an important site for real estate professionals, this is what ActiveRain and its members are about!


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