Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's the Big Deal Giving feedback?

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Very simple, very courteous..what's the big deal giving feedback?

As a listing agent who makes all of my own appointments it is not that hard to get feedback. I usually have a bit of rapport with the showing agent, giving details how to gain access, pointing out a hidden feature etc.

When I do call for feedback.. I ask, 'Did you get in OK? Do you or the buyer have any questions?'  If there is interest, it will expressed.

I can then touch base with the seller letting them know the house was shown, at what time and... if there is any interest..'I will let you know.'

When showing my own listings, I usually make this call while closing the house up. This, to me, is  a big time saver. The seller knows you are at the house, comments about the showing can be made and no need to remember a follow up call when the information is no longer fresh.

I even ask the seller to give me a reminder call if they have not heard back. That way they are not waiting. This works when a seller waits outside, drives around the block and they call to let me know when the agent leaves.

Giving feedback is common courtesy. Do you remember a parent or maybe even yourself as a seller...getting the home ready, leaving and waiting to hear any news.  As listing agents, we hear the disappointments, the anger and the inconvenience. Did they even show up? Did they like it? When that call never comes..tensions mount and reputations suffer. Put yourself in that seller's place.

I am not talking about vacant properties and the home that is unoccupied during the day.  I am talking about  real live special  people...owners who wait, who are elderly, who are ill, who have children, who have to have someone come in and help get the property ready, who have a pet to remove, whose sleep has to be disturbed because they work nights. It is not possible to have the place ready at all times in these situations.   It only takes a phone call to keep a seller happy!

Pay it forward...give feed back before it is requested.

When looking for have to know how to ask. You are not requesting the make up of the buyer, their motivation, their financials or anything that would compromise the transaction.

When I am asked for feedback, it goes something like this. Thank you so much for allowing me view your property. You made it very easy to get in, the house looked so nice with all the lights on. I will be back in touch with you if the buyer has any interest.

Very simple, very courteous..what's the big deal giving feedback?


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