Friday, May 20, 2011

Nice is Good But I Need My Service.

Nice is Good But I Need My Service.

It hasn't happened for awhile but  it happened on Wednesday... my internet and email slowed to a frozen crawl. A call to Verizon got me an answer several hours later..trouble on the line...their line. No problem, they will have someone out on Friday between 10 and 2! Friday!!

That's three days with this kind of service..not acceptable. You might remember this post when I first got the service. 

                                             Poor Service

Everyone was extremely nice..they have been trained well. Nice is good but I need my service. So I went from one person, getting their name and identifying number, to another and another...a total of five people so far.  I got all the way to a network supervisor. First I spoke with Ashwin, then Daryl, then Gary, then Kiran and finally to Prasad.

Yes five people... I got all the way to a network supervisor. Again assurance that there would be someone out on Friday...trying to convince me that all technicians were tied up. The last supervisor, Prasad, even called me several times to assure  me  that everything possible was being done...but there is no one available until Friday. Then an automated call saying it would be fixed by 5 PM on Friday!

So instead of 10-2 on Friday it is now the entire day.

Two different people Gary a manager and Prasad a supervisor,  offered a 30 day credit and a 2 week credit on my bill. That was very nice but I would gladly pay them to get my service up in the same day!

Verizon does a lot of advertising for new business..they knock the competition. Instead of looking for new customers. wouldn't it make sense to put some dollars in place to take care of the existing clients?
I will keep you posted!

Nice is Good... But I Need My Service!

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At 7:08 AM, Blogger thedannywelsh said...

I totally agree with your post. I wouldn't know what to do without my internet service. I need it for business and personal. Like you mentioned, "nice is good but I need my service."


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