Monday, May 23, 2011

Congratulations, Briana, On Your Graduation!

You'll recall a delightful young woman who came to Baltimore to attend college and who found her home in a Baltimore condo.  The transaction started when her mother read my blog Who Says Baltimore, Maryland Condos are Only For the Old Folks? and contacted me from the British Virgin Islands. What began as a conversation with an out-of-town buyer turned into a special connection for all of us.

That was two years how time flies and Briana has just graduated. This past week, I stopped by to see this special young lady and meet more of her family. Her mom, dad, grandmother and two brothers were in town for the celebration. What a beautiful family!
While visiting, I noticed more changes in Briana's condo and I love everything! The warm colors make this home "pop"...don't you think?                                 

    Briana's Condo...HomeRome 410-530-2400
This is the way the condo looked when it was first decorated by Briana and her marvelous mom.
The colors  now on the walls and the paterned rug really add to this special home. Congratulations, Briana, on your graduation, your proud family, and your beautiful home!

 Congratulations, Briana, On Your Graduation!

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