Thursday, December 29, 2011

10 Realtor® Ideas Using Skype on the Ipad

10 Realtor® Ideas Using Skype on the  Ipad

Skype on the iPad!

Spent some time with Cheryl Ritchie  Wednesday evening playing with Skype...before we knew it...3 hours had passed. Ideas were coming at us fast and furious. What fun! I got to see Cheryl's Rag Doll collection and she got to see some of my porcelain artwork...along with figuring out how we were going to use Skype on the iPad.


Here are  just some of the  ideas we came up with:

Home show buyers, who may not be present, or sellers to clarify a concern found. Easier to explain with all the parties "present".

On a Listing appointment-  share with a buyer or another agent. (Let me tell you about this new listing.)

Buyers, when not together, and one is  previewing a house.

Settlement table. Bring out of town buyers/sellers to the closing where they can be seen signing and then faxing/scanning a needed signature.

Skype INSTEAD of going to a meeting.

Contract presentation. One agent with buyer, one agent with seller can speed up negotiations.

Getting a price reduction...easier face to face.

Final walk through can document any concerns.

AR get together..have the iPads and Skype.

Agent can preview homes, share with relo or out of town buyers to narrow the search.

I am sure we will come up with a lot more!

10 Realtor® Ideas Using Skype on the  Ipad

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