Sunday, December 25, 2011

December’s Season of Celebrations & Sharing ...Big Smiles! And the Cake Was A Hit!

Big Smiles! And the Cake Was A Hit!

It was a very busy day last week..showing a listing in the morning and then shopping for just the right gift to take to our friend's Christmas party. I stopped in the Giant and found a perfect cake..just look and it is all cupcakes. Got into line and this nice lady invited me to go ahead of her since I only had one item. Then she realized she picked up a wrong item. I encouraged her to go back and I would watch her basket. As soon as she left..I unloaded her entire order onto the conveyor belt. What a nice feeling.

After I left this store...only one more errand..a special gift for TLH. When I went to pay...uh credit cards, no money. My "wallet" was not in the Bag! 

Immediately called the Giant and they were so helpful. They searched the store especially around the isle where I did my luck. I was about to call Lee to tell him to start canceling all the credit cards when my cell phone rang.

                                              Christmas Cake 

It was a friendly voice and her name was Emily. It was a bad connection and I was trying to be patient. Then I heard her say a black band and cards. She found my "wallet". I was on the way back to the area. Emily and her friend  Cindy waited for me with big smiles. A hug for each and some Christmas money which they both refused. Well I don't take no for an answer. If you don't want to buy a gift for yourselves then find the nearest charity and make a donation. Their smiles got even bigger...they liked the idea.

                                              Cindy Haynes and Emily Weil


Thank you Emily and Cindy!

 And by the way..the cake was a big hit at the party!



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