Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sell the Sizzle Not the Snake!

  Sell the Sizzle Not the Snake!

 This was NOT Supposed to Be at the Showing! Just like..No One Was Supposed to Be At Home! 

It was minutes after I  finished showing the interested buyers my new listing at 223 Delight Meadows when a call came from the buyer's agent still on the property.

"Please come outside!"

I thought he wanted to discuss an offer for the property. Instead he pointed to the edge of the driveway and the yard.

   "Look At This Snake!"

                          Snake HomeRome

My first words, probably not what you would expect, " What a beautiful animal. Watch it until I get my camera."

I then knew what my next blog post would be.

        Sell the Sizzle Not the Snake!

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