Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Delicious Peruvian Lunch

A Delicious Peruvian Lunch

And a Delightful Day in Baltimore.

Three friends all Realtors® got together for lunch. But this time it was not at one of Baltimore's many restaurants. This one was even more special... a homemade gourmet meal with lots of conversation and friendship.

We started lunch at 12:30 and before we knew it... already after 4PM.

Where did this time go? No phones, no iPad just 3 friends enjoying each other.

Peruvian lunch

  Margie invited us for a homemade Peruvian lunch. The food was delicious and served with style. The main dish was Aji de Gallina which is a traditional spicy Peruvian chicken stew  served over slices of potato and garnished with hard boiled eggs and Peruvian olives.

  A colorful salad, bright green broccoli, and rice... rounded out this tasty gourmet meal.


I just had to add that tiny purple orchid pedal for color.

After all it is Raven's Super Bowl week.  Will you join me at my

Pre Super Bowl Open House where Ray Lewis once lived?



Peruvian art


Margie has a warm, inviting, well orginized home filled with art and family treasures.  Above is a tiny sample of her collection.

A Delicious Peruvian Lunch

And a Delightful Day in Baltimore.

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