Friday, February 01, 2013

Best Laid Plans ......

Best Laid Plans ......

Today was all planned or so I thought. I was summoned to an all day jury service and we had theater tickets for tonight.

 My number for jury duty was too high so I was excused. Good news since I have a cold and a croupy cough..a nice day to take it easy. I exchanged tonight's tickets for next week.

Just put on some sweats and was going to take it easy for the most part. A few items on my to do list included taking some  documents downtown and a quick drive through at  the bank.

The bank teller could not use my driver's license because it was expired!

It was a good thing TLH was driving me around for these errands.  Checking my iPad, I found the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration was located at 5425 Reisterstown Road and quite nearby.

 Here is the info on their site....

"Please note that the MVA's busiest days are ..... the first days of the month. Therefore, MVA strongly recommends that you plan your visit during the middle of the month. Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays are high volume days at the MVA. Plan your visit on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to minimize your time with us."

It is February 1st and a Friday afternoon.

  We drove to the MVA at 4:20. It closes at 4:30. How lucky I made it in time. The place was full but they have to service everyone inside before closing. The wait, I was told, was at least an hour. I sent Lee home, got in line, got my ticket number and waited to hear my winning digit.

 Being the Friday before Super Bowl, there was lots of Raven's spirit and lots of purple. This is the attire of one of the employees.

 Raven's attire  

 I wrote most of  tonight's blog on my iPad but I left my camera in Lee's car. Darn no photos to keep me busy. Yes I also have the  iPhone but don't like using either one  for pictures. I did take the one above of one of the workers way in the back. Not such a good zoom.

I even told a few people about

Ray Lewis who Lived in This House- and invited  them to my Open House Sunday 3-4

You realize that the renewal could have easily been taken care of online but I needed my driver's license now!

Best Laid Plans.....


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