Saturday, February 16, 2013

Real Estate Success is Like Ice Skating

 Real Estate Success is Like Ice Skating

Lenn's post about getting into real estate,   should be mandatory reading for anyone thinking  about becoming an agent.  Dozens of people have gotten their license after purchasing their own home.

It really did not look that difficult and they saw the big commission at final settlement.

Of all those people who went on and got their real estate license, only one or two have survived the first year. It was not the easy money they thought it would be. It is like ice skating..the smoothness  on the ice reflects the level of skill.

My background as a former Registered Nurse helps me and my clients deal with the stress of selling a home.

There are many challenges taking a listing,  marketing, showing the property, negotiating the offer, going through the inspections, appraisal, financing contingencie, title, walk through and final closing.


It is like the post explaining the real estate mystery by Jason Crouch. 

It is a bit like ice skating. The better the skater the easier it looks! Those that do not glide with ease make it look like a difficult task!

There have been numerous people who have gotten into real estate because it looked so easy...very few of them stayed.    

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 If you are serious about getting into real estate, do yourself a favor, go interview other agents, research what is involved and make sure you have the finances to carry you through for the first year.

Real Estate Success is Like Ice Skating

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