Sunday, February 03, 2013

So I Decided Not to Write a Blog Tonight

So I Decided Not to Write a Blog Tonight

The day started with a phone call letting me know an offer was coming in. Not a bad way to start a Sunday morning.

At noon I hosted my weekly radio show    ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE!    Considering it was Super Bowl Sunday and the Baltimore Ravens were playing, I was not sure anyone would be listening much less calling in. Had a nice variety of callers including one of my favorite sellers now living in Oregon. We talked about how we sold two homes within a couple of weeks by doing a very special kind of open house. These radio shows can be heard via pod cast at .

After the show, I went to my Open House where Ray Lewis lived 

Again the thought was that  very few visitors would show up before the Super Bowl.

What a delightful surprise...there were over 2 dozen  people who toured the house and enjoyed   Burger Cookies  a special Raven's Cake and some award winning chili made by June Piper-Brandon. 

The creator of the special Raven's Anthem   LOUD, PROUD and PURPLE took time out of his busy day to stop by and say hello and I was able to play the song on my iPad.

Open House 12325 Falls Rd
         Zippy, Margaret, June, Margie, Kim, Bridget, Joi, her son, Suni, Sheri, Bob and Sydney

Ravens Cake

Erica surprised us with a Raven's cupcake cake. Notice one is missing.

My one hour open house was really more like two hours and it was time to pick up Lee and go to our friend's home to watch the actual Super Bowl.  It was a wonderfully busy day and the RAVENS WON 34-31

So I Decided Not to Write a Blog Tonight


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