Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who says I don't have time to blog?

The CyberStars ® Summit was exciting in so many ways – meeting other CyberStars, sharing tips – and for me, blogging. Right there, while I was charging up on the energy in San Antonio, my new blog appeared in cyberspace. And all I had to say was, “I need it now!”

I found a way to outsource my blog. In fact, I did it at the Summit. Between chatting and taking notes, I was sending ideas and photos to my blogger and watching them appear on my blog in minutes. My thoughts, in words I would use – but words I did not have to write – what could be better?

There are several techno-savvy CyberStars who are generous with their time and knowledge, helping others to start blogging. But I’m already too busy doing what I do best – listing and selling real estate – to spend time on the nitty gritty. What I do need is the presence in the blogosphere. What I don’t need is the aggravation or distraction from my real work. And now I have the solution.

My secret is I Blog For You. Peg Silloway is the very talented, creative, and responsive writer who made my blog a reality. I saved hours by having her create my blog, and I’m saving more hours every day by having her update it with new links, photos, and posts on a regular schedule. Peg does the work, I get the publicity and activity, and we’re both ahead.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get into blogging but don’t have the time, I Blog For You could be your answer, too.


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