Monday, May 29, 2006

Patience Pays

If you listen to real estate "experts" or read the newspapers, you might believe that the real estate market is in bad shape. A few months ago, sellers had buyers bidding against each other to buy a home at more than list price. Now, sellers are hearing it's a different world, prices are falling, and that maybe this is not the best time to put a house on the market.

First the headlines frightened buyers and now they are scaring sellers. And neither is true - it's still a good time to buy or sell! For example, let me tell you about my week.

I had a home listed that was on the market since mid-March. After two months, the sellers decided that the market is so bad that they would take if off. So we stopped all the advertising...and in that same week, the RIGHT BUYER came to us. The home was perfect for their needs, and it sold for full price with excellent terms.

Then on another of my properties - that had been listed by another company for seven months - in this same week we received three contracts! The buyers recognized that this was the right combination of price and location, and stepped up with competitive offers.

And after nine months on the market, another of my listings found its match. This out of town buyer "got lost" going to the mall on Memorial Day weekend, and "found" the perfect home!

So if you're thinking of selling your home, don't be put off by the gloom and doom you read. Remember, newspapers and online sites need to have headlines. The only thing that really matters is finding the right buyer for your home. And that is always possible with a little patience and a professional on your side.


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