Saturday, June 17, 2006

Contest Winners!

I’ve always said there are a lot of very creative people in the world, and it’s clear that some of them are reading this blog! I asked for ideas on how to use this wonderful historic church, and the suggestions were even better than I’d hoped. In fact, there were several very good ideas, and it was impossible to choose just one.

The first place winner is a combination of two ideas that seemed to blend the best of history and today.

Dia said she would turn the building “…into a Cafe/Gallery/Museum where the community can come and enjoy local artists, food and spiritual connections.” Karen said she would “…convert it to a Children's Museum [including] historic information regarding the community, the State Flower, any wildlife in the area.” By combining these two great suggestions, we have a coffee shop-type environment with rotating exhibits by Maryland artists, regional interest books for sale, children’s art and nature activities, and benches around the grounds for quiet reading. Can’t you almost smell the coffee? Congratulations to Dia Sanders and Karen Villa Schweinfurth!

I can’t choose second or third or fourth…because any of these could be a great use for this building:

Velma Evans suggested creating a conference center that could offer overnight accommodations so that small groups could “get away” to a quiet place for training, brainstorming, planning, and rejuvenating. The historic church is a natural environment for reflection and enjoying a break from the day-to-day routine.

Jean sees the church as a beautiful “serenity spa” with Zen gardens, yoga instruction, and meditation rooms. With a Japanese tea ceremony, she sees this as a great stress-relief site.

Marcia has a similar idea, noting the building has its roots in the spiritual health and well-being of the community. She envisions a venue for alternative health and education practitioners offering massage, acupuncture, nutritional education, and exercise in a spiritual environment.

Perhaps one of the most creative uses was suggested by Richard who sees the building as an ideal recording studio with a natural full, reverberating sound that will appeal to acoustic ensembles. I wonder if Richard knows that this church has hosted many memorable chamber music evenings?

Thanks to everyone for sharing your creativity!


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