Sunday, July 09, 2006

Moving with Children

Families often choose to move to a new home during the summertime so their children can feel at home in the new place before school starts. It makes good sense to give kids the chance to settle in before taking on the challenges of a new school, no matter what their ages.

My very special clients, Keith and Kim Holmes, shared their tips for making the move easier on your children. Here are a few of their ideas:
  • Most important – LISTEN. Children will give you all kinds of signs. Take care to be in tune with their feelings, fears, and concerns.
  • Be sensitive to their wishes. You will have hour-on-hour of “new house” discussions, and there will be times when they just don’t want to be involved.
  • Make sure to involve them, especially in decisions that affect them. Let them choose carpet color and paint for their room. For younger children you can offer several choices you like and let them choose their favorite; older kids can have more latitude. Ask for their advice on things like a new mailbox or trashcans for the new house.
  • Give them a timetable to help them understand when the move will take place. When you know the date for sure, tell your kids, and circle it on a “new house” calendar. Then plan activities and events they can participate in leading up to the big day.
  • Take your child to the new house as often as possible before the move so it becomes a familiar place.
  • Always talk about the move in a positive way. Share information but be careful that you don’t overload your child with too much information. Help them see the fun in the move.
Selling your house and buying a new home is stressful even when it ‘s a wonderful move for everyone. Helping your children to be comfortable with the move will also take some of the stress off you.


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Keith Holmes said...

Wonderful article about moving with children....Don't forget to say "Good-bye" to the house.
It helps with closure for the children.


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