Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rainy Day

It is raining in Baltimore. It has been raining all night, and they say we'll get a good soaking the rest of the day.

As I entered the gym early this morning, a "Good Morning" greeting to the woman ahead of me was answered with "You tell me what's 'good' about this morning." I watched the bright smile of the greeter turn downward. So I stayed and shared with this person how I felt about the rainy day.

"Liquid Sunshine" - this is what we have. You don't have to water the grass or the flowers today, and you certainly don't have to mow the lawn. You are healthy and well enough to be at the gym. You have an umbrella and you're dry. It is not snow; it is a comfortable 65 degrees. My car is getting clean without me lifting a finger. I can find so many reasons to be glad of rain.

I was saddened by that "older" woman's response. If she cannot find anything good on a rainy Tuesday in September, what does she have to look forward to? How does she handle a disappointment or an illness?

Attitude makes it Liquid Sunshine. There is no bad weather - there is just weather. Don't you agree?


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