Sunday, September 03, 2006

What I Learned on the Radio Today

Today was a first for me - a full hour hosting the radio show "All About Real Estate" with no guest. Just me and the microphone. I can talk to anyone, but I found out it is easier to have a conversation when you have someone to listen to!

Those first 20 minutes, I was really sweating. There was no one for me to listen to or to start a conversation with. Once you get me started, it can be hard to stop me. But I need to respond to others, to listen between the pauses, to have something to react to. I wondered what would I do if no one called in? Yes, I could have talked about every one of my listings, but I wanted it to be an interesting show for people besides me.

I shouldn't have worried. Once the phone started ringing, we couldn't keep up with all the calls. My good friend Bryant Tutas called in from Florida. Bryant is a solo broker who works with his "Lovely Wife", and is a star of the Active Rain network. He added a lot to the show and even waited patiently through a break to talk about finding the right Realtor®. Bryant made a good point - you need to hire a seasoned professional who knows your area and who will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. Being honest with the client is one of the hallmarks of a top professional.

After the show, I had a wonderful email from a new agent in Baltimore, Zippy Larson. She made me feel great when she said, "Your listening skills, your way of drawing people out, your clear and easy-to-understand answers, I would like to hear you on air regularly." Thanks, Zippy - tune in on September 17 when I'll be hosting the show again.

And thanks to everyone who called in today. You made this a very special holiday weekend.


At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Matt Heaton said...

Sorry I didn't have a chance to call in this weekend, was out at a cabin far away from a working phone.


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