Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Clay Connection

About a week ago I decided to take some rare time away from real estate and reconnect with my inner artist. The Baltimore Clayworks was hosting a panel discussion with international artists in connection with a gallery exhibition. It sounded like the perfect couple of hours completely removed from listing and selling for this former ceramic artist.

So there I was on a Sunday afternoon at a nearby conference center for a lecture/panel discussion that turned out a bit differently than planned. Two of the three panelists were unable to be there, so the one remaining brave soul led an open forum with the audience that turned into a lively discussion of women and art. In that lovely time bubble, homebuyers and sellers didn't exist.

Then it was back to Clayworks where I savored the sherry and cheese, but also enjoyed that lovely earthy scent of the place where potters work. My real estate hat was firmly in place again by then and of course I talked about one of my special properties that is perfect for an artist. I met a teacher from a local college who knew one of my sellers, a dean at that college. And one person asked about houses in walking distance of Clayworks…which I happen to have, and who knows what will come of that?

The day reminded me of something we know but is easy to forget: Do what you love. I went to the lecture because I love art and especially ceramic art. My past life as an artist is an important part of who I am and how I do my real estate business. I was there for the clay, and doing what I love was enough. But because I was there, I'll probably get more business.

Do what you love. Your life – and business – will benefit.


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