Thursday, December 07, 2006

Big Daddy's New Toy!

I went out one day to look at some land with a potential seller. Little did I know that looking at building lots could be such a cold and thrilling adventure!

A few years ago I sold "Big Daddy" his 6 bedroom, 5 bath house. It's a wonderful place that he made even better by adding a gorgeous in-ground pool, 3 decks, and finishing a great deal of the basement. Did I mention that this house is 8,000 square feet?

But now he's ready to buy some land and build a new house. Big D has 200 pairs of shoes and lots of toys, and he wants an even bigger house with at least five garages for all his toys. And his 14 grandchildren's toys, too. So when I asked about his NEW toys, he opened the garage and showed me this wild red beauty. And then he kind of dared me to go look at properties on his new toy. His wife said, "It's way too cold, I'm not going on that," but I can't resist that kind of challenge. So he put me in a leather jacket, goggles, and a "brain bucket." (As a former nurse I know the worst accidents involve motorcycles, and I had to have a helmet.) Then off we went on the Trike, riding behind 440 horses in a Corvette engine. Cold….oh, you have no idea how cold 50 degrees can be! It was so windy that his helmet blew off and we had to make a quick stop to retrieve it. Everywhere we went, cars were blowing their horns and everyone waved. This is not a way to travel if you're going incognito!

We looked at some properties, and then when we returned he told me that as soon as we find the right three acre piece of land, he wants me to sell his home.

How far will I go for a listing? Now you know!


At 7:09 PM, Blogger Gena Riede said...

Great article! Super toy!!!

Now, consider yourself memed on your blog outside of AR. To get further info go to and see who all has been on the memed blog list. I'm sure you will do it justice!


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