Sunday, April 08, 2007

I Love Naked.....

I Love Naked........Trees!

Just look at the character of these trees. You can see the strength, you can see the skeleton, you can see the trunk, even the age. When they are in full flower or covered with leaves, all this strength is hidden.

Most people think trees are much prettier in the spring and summer. To them, bare trees are cold, dark, and lifeless. They do not see the beauty in the bareness, or the promise that lies within the wrinkled and peeling bark. I see potential and promise, that even in the darkest days of winter, life persists in the strong heartwood at the core.

I love the absolute beauty of naked trees. Spring is bursting forth everywhere around me now, and these beauties will soon be covered with their green summer clothing. I'll be grateful for their shade in a few months, but I'll also look forward to seeing them stand proud and naked next fall.


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