Saturday, February 16, 2008

Full House!

How is real estate like poker? ”It takes minutes to learn the game and a lifetime to master it.”

It's true of poker, and I think it is also true of real estate and many other professions.

My friend who is a personal trainer saw Oprah interviewing someone who lost lots of weight and used a personal trainer to help get her back in shape. The newly slim woman loved the trainer so much and praised the way she helped. Not satisfied to just tout the wonderful talents of the trainer, she decided to take a few courses, learn how to train others, and become that person who gets accolades. She wanted to be a personal coach, helping people to change their lives by losing weight and exercising. Her intention was good. But the chance of her hurting people through inexperience is much greater than of helping them. Intentions do not make you an expert. Watch a professional ice skater glide across the ice, spin, and leap. Then watch an amateur and see that it is soooo hard. Years of practice, study, and training, are needed before you can make it look easy.

I have found that many buyers and sellers decide to go into real estate after their own transaction. They think, "So much money for doing so little…." or so it seems. I am asked for mentoring, leads, coaching, technology tips, what classes to take…and I give this advice freely. I have dozens of clients who have gotten their real estate licenses because I made it look so easy.

Many times I meet these agents in classes that I am speaking at or attending. They are surprised. Why is an established agent still going to these seminars? Too often, they just don't get it – that making it look "easy" takes years of practice and experience along with continual learning.

How many of these former clients have made a success in real estate? How many have even made it through the first year? How many have sold the house that I helped them buy within that year? How many have blamed the poor market on not being a success? I think you can guess.

Many people can take the classes, pass the exam, and do all the things an agent "should" do. But no matter what new gee-whiz technology or sure-fire system you want to try, there is still nothing like good old, roll up your sleeves experience. It takes time and effort to acquire, but you can see the dividends in loyal clients, repeat business, and income that reflects all that hard work.

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At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great point of how it takes a lifetime to master. Getting your real estate license is just the key to the car. You still have to learn to drive the car and it is a constantly changing business.

Years of experience and practice is what enables you to make it look easy.


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