Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're Making TRACs in Maryland

It's always nice when someone notices what you're doing. When they blog about it, it's even better! One of TRAC's auction signs for a property in Ellicott City, MD turned up in a non-real estate blog recently.

WordBones wrote:

"Earlier this week, this sign popped up on the corner of New Cut Road and Montgomery Road in Ellicott City. The actual property being auction is on College Avenue, about three miles from this spot. What struck me is that this is an "absolute" auction and that includes real estate and "contents." Many real estate auctions contain a "reserve" price which enables the seller to reject any offer that doesn't meet that reserve price. In theory, any bidder who shows up with the $10,000 needed to bid could walk away with the whole eleven acres and even a "Corvette" for that price. In reality it will likely go for much more but one thing is certain, it will be sold by TRAC Auctions on November 1st. You can get more detail on the offering here."

This is a great example of why signs still do work, and sometimes they lead to more exposure than you expect.


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