Saturday, September 04, 2010

Baltimore, Good Friends and Lunch at the Bay Cafe!

Baltimore, Good Friends and  Lunch at the Bay Cafe!

A few times, each summer, we enjoy eating on the water at one of our favorite places.  Thursday was a hot humid summer day in Baltimore but not to hot to have lunch at the Bay Cafe and right on the water. Yes it was quite warm but a nice breeze and delicious iced coffee made it quite enjoyable.

Our good friends Allen Hainge, founder of the CyberStars(tm) and Ellie Palmer treated us to a scrumptious lunch.  It has been about 2 years since we were there together.  You Can Get There From Here...Baltimore's Bay Café      

Bay Cafe HomeRome Realty

 Favorite lunch of shrimp salad and crab soup.

                                                      Margaret, Allen, Ellie, Lee -Bay Cafe
 Look at that gorgeous view!
                                       Lisa @Bay Cafe
Lisa Mantakas, with the gorgeous blue eyes, has been with the Bay Cafe a little longer than forever. Before retirement, my Lee used to lunch with his buddies enjoying the burgers, pizza, shrimp salad, crab soup and he talks about the abundant plate of curly fries. For old time's sake, Lisa brought an order for the table.
My Lee   HomeRome Realty Look at that gorgeous view! What could be better than Baltimore, Good Friends and Lunch at the Bay Cafe!


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