Monday, September 27, 2010

So Many Books So Little Time ...Baltimore Book Festival...I Wasn't the Only One with a Camera!

So Many Books So Little Time ...Baltimore Book Festival

The MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association booth was at the base of the Washington Monument, right in front of the Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church with its gingerbread spires.
Mt Vernon Church HomeRome Realty       MidAtlantic Book Publisher's Booth
Anyone who has followed me knows about my Book, Real Estate the Right Rome Way, and my friend and publisher Peg Silloway.

If you want a refresher, here are some posts from the previous years.
Baltimore Book Festival is this Weekend. A Free Autographed Copy of Real Estate The Rome Way
The Baltimore Book Festival - A Signing!
Books and Blue Sky in Baltimore, MD 

Liquid Sunshine and Books in Baltimore

Had fun taking photos of some of the book characters. It was really really hot and  must have been unbearable in those outfits.
Madeline HomeRome Realty  Curious George HomeRome Realty  Spiderman HomeRome Realty  Baltimore's Best Hon HomeRome Realty
Colorful Book Characters were entertaining crowds  the entire afternoon. Alway ready to pose for a nearby camera!

                cute girls with world balloons HomeRome Realty many books HomeRome Realty
                Two adorable girls with world balloons!                                   Sheila Ruth's shirt, says it all!

  Balloons on the Cathedral HomeRome Realty  Wedding at the Cathedral HomeRome Realty  Wedding at the Cathedral HomeRome Realty
Never know what you might find on the Mt. Vernon Church. First there were these colorful balloons and later a wedding right in the middle of the Baltimore Book Festival! I wasn't the only one with a camera!

So Many Books So Little Time ...Baltimore Book Festival


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