Monday, October 25, 2010

Is Print Advertising For the Birds?

Is Print Advertising For the Birds?

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 My recent post received over 90 comments  So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time  .  

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The following comment is an example that reminded me of Insanity  " After thousands spent over the past five years - I stopped doing print.  It was bringing in way too few people and I had not closed a single sale from them in five years...." 

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why would anyone spend several months without results, let alone FIVE years?  Maybe it was the wrong print media. How many other types of print were tried before writing off  all advertising that was not internet based?

It has taken  many years throughout my real estate career  to continually come  up with the right combination of print media, internet marketing and.. The Main Reason to Blog...Get My Listings SOLD! 

When something is not working, I stop and try another.
Here are two statements about advertising:
1-  I have an unlimited budget for advertising that works.
2- By the time you can AFFORD to advertise, you no longer need it!

Another commenter states "Print does nothing here other than make the Seller, who does not know better, happy and make the vendor a bit of money

What an interesting comment to make about the entire print media. Putting an ad or two in the local homes magazine and saying, print advertising does not work because no "good" calls were received might be

Why Advertising is For the Birds in Baltimore




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