Sunday, November 28, 2010

Give Yourself a Gift of Education..Consider Real Estate Consulting!

Consider Real Estate Consulting

There can never be too much education for real estate professionals. That is one of the main reasons to participate on a site like ActiveRain. If you want to see my list of designations, go to the "Alphabet Soup" link below. One of those designations is ACRE® and I am a founding member.
ACRE Founding Member HomeRome 410-5302400

 In tough times, more than ever, real estate professionals need more education, new tools and new revenue streams.   At the same time, consumer awareness and demand for quality choices in real estate services is growing and they want to match that demand with trained professionals who can offer those choices.
The basic ACRE® course can now be taken at no cost. That's right: anyone who would like to learn what consulting is all about can take the ACRE® course and receive access to the members-only Coaching Exchange for one full year, again at no charge. To enroll in the course, just go to and click "Enroll Now".

If you want to see my list of designations, go to the "Alphabet Soup" link below. 

What is An ACRE Besides Land? I Am!
Exceptional Service...Without Exception!

 Alphabet Soup - Those Letters After My Name...and the Two Letters You Don't See

 This is a great opportunity to learn and, in addition,  earn  a new designation.  By making the basic ACRE® course free, the consulting model can be used by more Real Estate Professionals during these tough times. The result will be more awareness by the consumer and another stream of income for REALTORS.
Go sign up NOW! and click "Enroll Now". Remember the price is right.. FREE!!

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