Monday, November 29, 2010

The Muse Medallion goes to Peg Silloway, My Publisher, My Friend!

My friend and publisher, Peg Silloway just won "The Muse Medallion".  You can read more about it on her post It's Happened Again

In Peg's words:"A week ago I sat in the ballroom at the Crowne Plaza and listened as the big names in the group and in media won awards for writing in magazines and columns, for audio, for broadcasting, for photographs and illustrations, and for a variety of books. Then it was the Gift Book category - my category. As the judge's comments were read I held my breath and my husband's hand as she concluded, "The Muse Medallion goes to Peg Silloway!" 
                                            Peg Silloway with her Muse  Medallion and  book
There is such pride in being recognized by your peers and those you admire. Don't you think her beautiful smile says it all?

I am so proud of Peg's accomplishments, after all... my book was the first published by Silloway Press. 

Check out  this  Interview   by the artist of my book cover.
                                                              Real Estate the Rome Way 410-530-2400

 The Muse Medallion goes to Peg Silloway, my publisher, my friend!

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