Friday, November 19, 2010

One Phone Call, One Listing, Two Sales and a Whole Bunch of Blogs!

This past summer, a very special couple called from my print advertising   asking to see one of my condos.
                                       Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome 410-530-2400
They were just starting to think about "right sizing". I like that term better than down sizing.
We spent a day touring new and resale condominiums, including several HomeRome listings. There was some interest, however their home was not sold. One of the options discussed...
Do I Buy or Sell First ? Reverse Contingency 
                                                                         Do I Buy or Sell 1st HomeRome 410-530-2400
We listed their home  Summit Chase Townhouse-30 Stablemere Ct- Baltimore, MD. 21209  and we listed it with a reverse contingency.

Within a short time, they found a condo they loved and wanted to move forward with an offer and made the decision not to make it contingent. They wanted to make some kitchen changes, to the new place, and knew that could take a month or so. They opted for a quick settlement and started the construction.

 So my work was cut out for me. The listing had to be sold!
 Immediately, I removed the HOC (Home of Choice Contingency) from their property listing. Then we had a price adjustment and... I held my first ever..  Wednesday Night Open House.  
 OPEN House HomeRome 410-530-2400 
And it was a success! The house sold that Wednesday night...three sets of buyers stopped by.
With the new sales price the buyer, along with  the buyer's agent knew a good investment deal! A full price offer was received even before the Open House was closed. This open house was at night and in the real wet kind of rain. You may remember the First ActiveRain Open House Update!

Yesterday, we had the closing, a wonderful smooth settlement on 30 Stablemere.
Now I can take a deep breath. Both properties SOLD and the pressure is off the sellers and the pressure is off of me!  This special seller also was responsible for   The Hooker Broom...A New Invention!

One Phone Call, One Listing, Two Sales and a Whole Bunch of Blogs!  Nothing to it!

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