Sunday, November 14, 2010

What is Your Special Number? 944 is Mine!

Recently noticed that I had 536,944 points on ActiveRain. That's MY number! Not the 536 but the 944.
                                               944 HomeRome Realty
And you are saying: "So What?"  It ends in 944 and almost everyone, well a few people know that 944 is my number.   When you look at a list of properties for sale, they almost all end in 000, 500 or 900. Needed something different to stand out early in my Real Estate carreer some twenty years ago. I was driving a my first listing was priced at $XXX,944 and it sold in a week! My second listing sold in 2 weeks and my third listing in 3 weeks.  I was definitely not going to change my last three numbers. So whenever you see a property that ends in 944, in the Baltimore area it is going to be a HomeRome Realty.

Here are some of my list prices $859,944, $599,944, $674,944, $649,944, $424,944, $399, get the idea.

Once went on a  listing appointment but chose not to work with the seller. We were not a good match!  Not too long afterward, calls from agents wanting to see "my" property... but it was not my listing. Since it ended in 944, the agents assumed it was a Margaret Rome listing.  Then they asked if this other agent was on my team...well no, I am a solo agent. So they were asking what other listings I had that might work for their buyers.

Yep, it was the listing that I declilned but the seller liked my 944 and wanted to use that number. When I called the new agent and mentioned he was using my number, he insisted that one could not own a number and he was absolutely right. I thanked him for directing all the other agent calls to me. You guessed it, he changed the last three numbers on that listing within minutes!

Also noticed this Baltimore sky while driving this evening.  I stopped long enough to aim the camera through my windshield.

                            Baltimore Sunset HomeRome Realty

                         Baltimore Sunset HomeRome Realty    Baltimore Sunset HomeRome Realty

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