Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Where Did You Get Those Picture Words in Your Blog?

 Where Did You Get Those Picture Words in Your Blog?

When writing... especially blogging, the pictures and graphics make posts more interesting, less boring and even easier to read. Recently received a comment asking "Where Did You Get Those Picture Words?"
Gee, thought it was pretty self explanatory. Do you remember Scrabble?    
                                              Scrabble HomeRome Realty
Found an old SCRABBLE set and voila... all the letters to make all the words needed were right inside. So what if they had numbers on them. Everyone knows what a Scrabble tile looks like.

As you can see "Lease With Option  " and  " Fell In Love With Our House" are obviously SCRABBLE letters.

The "Do I Buy or Sell " are from "BOGGLE" letters.  Boggle Boggle Letters HomeRome Realty

I found it quicker to use the tiles because I didn't have to keep turning the cubes to find the letter.  I had been looking for a set of letters, too bad I no longer have my daughter's plastic ones from 30 plus years ago. These old game sets would just have to do until I found the right ones. Well I have decided these work just fine!

On a previous post, Wendy Patton asked: ''..can I use that picture of the scrabble? or where did you get it? I would love that!" Wendy is the expert on lease with option. So Wendy this one is for you.
Lease with option HomeRome Realty
Lease With Option Might be the Answer for Baltimore Homes!

Scrabble words HomeRome Realty 
We Fell In Love With Our Home All Over Again!     
                 Boggle letters HomeRome Realty 
Do I Buy or Sell First ? Reverse Contingency 

So now the answer to the question:  Where Did You Get Those Picture Words in Your Blog?  is obvious to everyone!

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