Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Going Back To Basics...Not a Bad Idea!

Going back to basics, like putting on your name tag and picking up the phone to connect with a friend might not be such a bad idea. 

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Today I spoke with Michael Maher, an ActiveRain member, a CyberStar and a fellow author. He wrote the book 7L and I just read the first chapter. During our conversation, we realized that Floyd, my first trainer, had endorsed both of our books. I shared the following story with Michael.

When I think back early in my career, we were taught to COLD CALL.  Go to  the Criss Cross Directory, pick a street and start calling home owners... asking if they wanted to sell now or in the near future. The assignment was to make these calls until  an appointment was obtained. That was the, then, philosophy of  Floyd Wickman     who I have followed since 1990 when I took his first Sweat-hog course.

But did I make cold calls from that directory...absolutely not! I figured out a different way to make those "calls."

Yes, I followed the script but not the method..the idea was to get appointments.  How many calls should we make? One if you get an appointment  or 100 until you succeed. The goal  was to get a face to face.

At the time I was power walking early in the mornings on a high school track. There was a crowd who walked and talked. You could find people there at  any hour of the day and in all kinds of weather. I used to call it mobile psychiatry. Lots and lots of conversation and  lifelong friendships were formed.

So it was natural when I got into real estate... these were the people to "call."

Since I was walking every day, people coming and going at different paces, changing walking partners was quite frequent. It was easy to try out the technique taught in class. Just ask a simple question. "Are you planning to buy or sell in the near future?

And the follow up..."Do you know anyone who might be thinking about buying or selling in the near future?"
Simple...very simple! Bet this type of "cold calling" would work just as well today. Give it a try! Nothing to lose! No cost involved!

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Look who just returned my phone call while I was writing this post!! Jason is a super star who understands the need for connecting face to face.  Go read his latest post. The Phone Call Challenge 

Give him a call and tell him "Margaret Rome made me do it!"

Going back to basics, like putting on your name tag and picking up the phone to connect with a friend might not be such a bad idea.

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