Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love Was Definitely in the Baltimore Sky Tonight!

Love was definitely in the Baltimore Sky Tonight!

I love the moon...the moon loves me! Look at the photo I captured tonight while riding in the car. Having a steady hand is not always a benefit. 

The moon, again, was spectacular and very different from the changes that took place during the eclipse earlier in the day. In my opinion, this photo deserved it's very own post! There will be others from tonight but this one stands on it's own.

                  Love Moon HomeRome 410-530-2400
(Photo by Margaret Rome Tuesday 6:25 PM December 21, 2010)

Last night's moon (actually this morning) received all the attention. I had to set my alarm clock for 1:30 AM to take one picture of the eclipse and then stayed up until 4:30AM snapping the exciting changes in the shape and color. It was really cool...a wind chill of 15 degrees! 

You can see them in my post of    The Lunar Eclipse.   Be sure to scroll down to the comments where I posted the photos along with the actual time of each one.

Love was definitely in the Baltimore Sky Tonight!


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