Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MRIS (Maryland MLS) More Time To Get It Done!

I love finding ways to save time especially at the end of the year. In two days I will have more time to search and enter information into our Maryland MRIS..MLS..Multiple Listing Service!

Many times while on the MLS... searching, updating listings or placing a brand new HomeRome listing into the computer, I get a 'timed out'' message? 

Amazing how quickly 30 minutes goes by...especially if you have to take a phone call. That's why I have always chosen to enter my MLS data late at night.. when there are usually no interruptions.

No more!

Starting December 30th, just 2 days from now, we will have double and quadruple time... two full hours on both Matrix and Keystone before being forced to log in again. This will give us more working time.  Thank you MRIS for listening...


Giving you more time to get more done. 
Extended 2 hour time outs begin December 30th!

  • Matrix and MRIS.com time out time has  
  • DOUBLED from 1 to 2 hours!
  • Keystone time out time has  
  • QUADRUPLED from 30 minutes to 2 hours!
  • Begins Thursday, December 30th


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