Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Your Tag Line? I Love Mine!

We have been talking about going back to basics, using name tags, business cards and staying in touch with people that we care about.

One of the most effective marketing tools is a memorable Tag Line. I happen to love mine. It goes into all my Baltimore advertising, print media, introductions, profile pages, blog header (thank you mARTi) and on my business card.  

Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome 410-530-2400           HomeRome 410-530-2400  

When time is short, a tag line can be used as an elevator speech.

You know how it goes. You are at a seminar, real estate event or business meeting... and it's time for introductions. The leader says, "Give us your name, and a little about what you do…and please keep it short!" People get up ramble on and on while others barely whisper their name and stammer through a description.
When my turn comes, I say it in three seconds flat, sit down while they are still laughing and applauding.    

 "Margaret Rome.  Sell Your Home with Margaret Rome."

Works every time, people remember! I love my Tag Line. Of course I was fortunate to marry Lee Rome My Best Close Ever and Forever

 Do you need help?  Contact me and I will try to help you come up with a Tag Line.

What's Your Tag Line?  I Love Mine!
Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome

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