Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glocal #1 Thinking Global Acting Local

If I only had one post to read and follow each day for the next 104 days, it would Carra Riley's. This adventurous woman and her husband are traveling on a SAS Semester at Sea cruise and already  showing us how Localism works at it best. Go  where the customers are! Take a look at her first day in Nassau and continue to follow with Carra as we go around the world.

Look at the video and tell me this is not great marketing!

Via Carra Riley CRB, CRS, GRI (Author, Speaker, Consultant, Second Homes AZ LLC):
Glocal #1 Thinking Global Acting Local
 It's Carra Riley here live from Nassau, Bahamas on my voyage around the world!
The vision for me in this trip is to “Connect The Dots Around The World.” I had no preconceived idea of how any of the dots would start to connect but they have already started to come together. Your comments and input will be invaluable as I post on my blog with a stream of consciousness writing along with just sharing what I am thinking and the observations I am making from exactly what I am experiencing.
The “bar of expectation” for many businesses and services is a moving target today and we have had our experience with this two times in the first day of travel.  As the world economy is changing the fight for the discretionary dollar is actually going to the street with customers one on one. Watch how this is evidenced by the video where a “meal hawker” aka host, actually comes over to the taxi we just got out of to entice us to eat at the restaurant he works for.

This is certainly an example of meeting the customer where they are!  The street or beach vendors are also “asking for the business.” The worst it can be from asking for the business is someone saying “no” so if you are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone to ask for new business, it might be there. We went to “Big Ten”  for dinner and actually never went back to Twin Brothers so you see.. David asked us to go to his restaurant and we did.
Now here we go!  Fun in the sun and it’s almost time to get on the ship and sail! It was a peaceful day with 3 hours in the sun to get going on our required read  “Three Cups of  Tea” by Greg Mortrenson.  An inspiration to all and another post will be coming sharing the PASSION this man had for building schools for children who want to learn.

The Island of Nassau relies on tourism for it’s very existence. The atmosphere of all the service providers is one of trying to please and create a memorable experience for everyone here.  Taking this attitude of a community working together to survive can come right back home to our local areas where we need to come together on what we are trying to do to survive also. Everyone we came in contact with was dedicated to making our experience in their community pleasant.  What would happen if we took that attitude to our local cities and towns and everyone had the idea coupled with similar behavior  to "Love Where You Live!"
This is the 1st GLOBAL lesson that we can apply to our LOCAL communities as we go “Glocal” in our thinking!
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