Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spanish Coca Cola in the Afternoon

It was one of those special afternoons...lunch with my publisher and friend Peg Silloway. We do something every month. No matter how busy... if it's on the calendar .. we keep the date!

Today's choice was one of my favorite restaurants, Tio Pepe, where Lee and I  have been going since we were married 15,572 days ago.
Usually Lee and I go for a romantic dinner, to celebrate an anniversary or whenever we want that special feeling, great food and ambiance. But who says you can't enjoy all of this on a Monday at lunch with a good friend?

No one. So that's we did!

A glass of Sangria to start... which I  affectionately call Spanish Coca Cola..At first I said "no "..and then changed my mind.  Loved each and every drop and each and every piece of fruit.  It seemed to make each bite of our wonderful meals more outstanding. We shared an  appetizer of  shrimp in garlic butter with wonderful fresh bread for dipping and Peg had the rock-fish with crab in champagne sauce for her main meal.

              Spanish 'Coca Cola' HomeRome 410-530-2400            Tio Pepes HomeRome 410-530-2400

                                                        Tio Pepe Lunch HomeRome 410-530-2400
I had the seafood salad platter..oh my.. it is fabulous. This plate consists of a half of a lobster topped with lump crab meat, potato salad (ha there was more crab meat than potatoes) topped with shrimp, sliced hard boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, pimento  and a smooth  creamy dressing on the side. I don't think anyone anywhere could have enjoyed a better meal. The food, the "coca cola" the ambiance, the conversation, the friendship...all made for a perfect afternoon.

When did you last have a wonderful few hours with a best friend and Spanish Coca Cola in the Afternoon?

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